Proactive Market-oriented Corporate Management: ICI/net version 15 arrived!

ICI/net v.15
ICI/net version 15

The proven high-performance management framework for the 'Proactive Market-oriented Corporate Management based on the Integrated Corporate Identity (ICI)' - ICI/net - comes with its latest version. After researching and developing in this field for about twenty years, KOPPENBRINK presents ICI/net v.15 today.

Beyond new features and methods, v.15 provides enhanced capabilities, modularity, and even more convenience to leaders at all company levels. ICI/net focuses and addresses particularly the relevant stakeholders and aligns the management instruments towards sustainable corporate value.

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Market-oriented Corporate Management: Control Complexity - Manage Safely

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Markets often are characterized by permanent change as well as a lack of transparency. This leads to uncertainty, even at the corporate management level. Consistent decision-making data bases and practice-proven procedures are required. The entire management should be able to deliver adequate individual solutions and measurable success at any time. Following KOPPENBRINK's ICI/net, the modern comprehensive framework for the proactive market-oriented corporate management, you will be able to control the increasing complexity and manage your company or unit safely, even in volatile, intercultural and globally networked markets – onsite and remote.

Issues on wich ICI/net can help in a very tangible way: Setup, upgrading and rebuild of sales structures; key account management; lead & client management; design of hybrid work (onsite and remote) in marketing and sales; setup and optimization of all marketing functions; brand management; improvement of the internal and external communication; development of new marketing & sales channels and market segments; alignment of corporate strategies and the entire corporate development according to changing market and evironment conditions; transformation of process, unit and corporate controlling functions; HR/HCM management; employer branding; evolution of corporate culture etc.

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This method covers issues such as

  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Development
  • Market Development / Portfolio Management
  • Business Development
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Research & Development
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Strategic Organizational Development
  • Proactive People Management
  • 3D Controlling


We would love to guide you through the implementation phase of ICI/net, and beyond.

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SLVM relaunched

Today, KOPPENBRINK AG presented a product relaunch of its Stakeholder Lifecycle Value Management (SLVM) in Berlin, Germany. Lean and clearly dedicated to the daily business of medium sized companies in Germany and Central Europe SLVM provides a powerful approach to gear measures toward the qualitative or quantitative value or contribution to success made by each individual stakeholder.

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Bridging the Gap ‒ The Challenge Facing Strategic Marketing

White Paper: Bridging the Gap
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As the connecting link between strategic management and operational business, strategic marketing is an important factor in a company’s success. One of the greatest challenges lies in harmonizing divergent objectives and strategies. Specifically, strategic marketing currently has to manage the balancing act between organizational change, digital transformation, and the growing pressure to maintain efficiency. What is the best way to tackle this challenge?

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The KOPPENBRINK AG turns 18 today!

Since the foundation of the KOPPENBRINK AG in 2000, this company builds the strategic head of the KOPPENBRINK GROUP. Beyond, all central administration and management units are organized as service centers within the company. Serving its clients as a consulting company, KOPPENBRINK AG provides the entire range of management consulting services and runs its own research and development center. We always will have a strong focus on all issues related to the market-oriented management.

Our clients, business partners, shareholders and staff develop the KOPPENBRINK AG, day by day, by contributing their great and valuable ideas as well as creating functional processes and new structures to make it an even better partner to our business environment. Thanks to you all, our highly appreciated partners! We look forward to a great common future.

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25 Years - Congrats to the KMS KOPPENBRINK Media Service

On September 6th in the year 1993, a new era started within the growing KOPPENBRINK GROUP by the foundation of KMS KOPPENBRINK Media Service. Established as a media agency, KMS developed step by step to a full service marketing company. Actually, it's still the needs and ideas of our clients and other business partners driving the various processes of development. From the initial idea, the entire consulting procedure, the over-all conception and creative process to the comprehensive realization of complex communication projects, KMS serves its clients and business partners. As a substantial part of the KOPPENBRINK GROUP, KMS stands for respectable marketing solutions meeting the individual and ever changing needs of our clients. Business partners as well as clients acclaim KMS as a fair and trusty partner standing reliably by their side.

Thank you, dear clients, business partners and staff for the great trust and the partnership-based cooperation for more than 25 years. We really do appreciate your confidence and look forward to our common future.

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New: Integrated process chain for complex communication campaigns

The KOPPENBRINK GROUP has revised and rounded out the process organization in the strategic business area advertising. As of now, KMS KOPPENBRINK Media Service provides every client with a stringent and integrated process chain created for their advertising activities. From the initial impetus over research, conception, creation, media services and production to the evaluation of outcome, complex communication campaigns will be planned and controlled. A comprehensive multi project management (CCM) takes care of the crucial parameters, such as deadlines, budgets and communication impact. An own quality management procedure follows up the entire proceedings from the very beginning until the final closing of campaigns.

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The KOPPENBRINK GROUP: New Look, New Solutions

After 25 years of success on the market, the KOPPENBRINK GROUP has undergone a fundamental relaunch: and gained more than just a new face in the process. Our new logo – which represents the tension between the divergent objectives of quality, time, and investment that so often governs our day-to-day work – contains three triangles that symbolize the areas of management consulting, market research, and advertising. We have also significantly expanded our range of services and solutions. Get in touch with us to learn more about these important changes.

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