Geting a Handle on the Numbers:
An Important Key to Success

You can do more than just plan and control your success –
You can also actively manage it.

Numbers as an Expression of Added Value

In addition to the numerous parameters indicating substantial change, the success of a venture can also be expressed in concrete financial figures. We place particular emphasis on this area, and we have the right tools for the job.

  • Evaluation and allocation of
    budgets and other project resources
  • Process-based success management
    covering all relevant stakeholders - SLVM
  • Strategic and operational controlling
    in marketing and sales
  • Planning, management, and analysis
    of financial data in projects
  • Appointment scheduling and management
    based on customized systems of rules
  • Determination, analysis, and interpretation
    of key ROI figures
  • Definition and active management of important
    influencing factors/key performance indicators (KPI/KII)
  • Optimization of investments
    in communication campaigns


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