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KOPPENBRINK’s success story began in February of 1986. Holger Koppenbrink founded a consulting business in Berlin, Germany with the goal of integrating modern data processing technology into mid-sized companies in order to improve their value. Following that, he began developing ways to optimize processes and structures, as well as establishing his own methodologies and procedures. Today, KOPPENBRINK is synonymous with expert practical consulting and solutions for all areas of market-oriented management, which we work in close partnership with our customers to implement and maintain.

In September 1993, Erwin and Holger Koppenbrink founded KMS KOPPENBRINK Media Service GmbH, operating as KMS KOPPENBRINK GmbH. Today, this company is a full-service consulting agency, supporting its customers in all aspects of communication and advertising and consistently providing them with helpful solutions. More than 35 years of agency expertise go into the planning, execution, and evaluation of a whole range of different campaigns and communication projects at varying levels of complexity.

In 2006, the founding of KMR KOPPENBRINK Market Research KG (LP) met the ever-increasing demand for expertise in market research to bolster sales. By posing targeted, customized questions, we gather data and assess relevant studies in order to secure and extend our customers’ commercial success. In 2020, the business area of market research has been re-integrated in the KMS KOPPENBRINK GmbH and the limited partnership has been dissolved.

KOPPENBRINK is synonymous with a consistent focus on the market.
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